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ASIAWATER Responsible Business Alliance

 "Betterment of Life by Access to Clean Water"


The ASIAWATER RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS ALLIANCE (AWRBA) will be an alliance group initiative by United Business Media (UBM) bringing together leading charities from across Southeast Asia with a mission to bring clean, safe drinking water and sanitation to the underprivileged population residing in underdeveloped countries in the region. UBM Asia organises the leading water event ASIAWATER together with the water series event including VIETWATER, WATER PHILIPPINES, THAIWATER and MYANMARWATER. 


AWRBA is chaired by Dato Teo Yen Hua, Former CEO of National Water Services Commission Malaysia (SPAN) with the partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology Corporate Social Responsibility in developing Asia. AWRBA recognised advance high standards for programme quality, transparency, and accountability, and work with its members to bring awareness and recognition to those companies and persons bringing  effective scale and sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene education solutions. 

Members of AWRBA

  1. AWRBA will provide its members with a platform to share experiences, debate and update on best practices and industry development and to view the latest technological advances in order to provide a better experience in Corporate Social Responsibility to the people in need of clean, safe drinking water and sanitation. 
  2. AWRBA members will not be required to make any direct or indirect financial contributions or pay for their membership. 
  3. Committee members will be nominated and membership will be by invitation only. The committee will consist of 10 members only with a 2 year rotation period for each committee.Therefore, AWRBA will organise once a year AWRBA Annual Meeting and the meeting is not open to public.AWRBA Activities to seek support and co-operation from relevant Trade Associations, Government Agencies, institutions and commercial companies for the successful staging of this Alliance.

AWRBA Activities

  1. To seek support co-operation from relevant Trade Associations, Government Agencies, institutions and commercial companies for the successful staging of this Alliance;
  2. To determine and invite relevant organisations and/or individuals to be represented in the Alliance;
  3. Press coverage to create awareness and recognition.

Responsibilities of UBM (Organiser of Water Series of events)

  1. To be the organiser and Secretariat of all AWRBA meetings;
  2. To organise the AWRBA Annual Meeting held concurrently with the Water Series of events organised by UBM held in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar. The inaugural meeting will be held alongside ASIAWATER 2018 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre;
  3. To work with Dato Teo Yen Hua to prepare an agenda for each meeting and distribute to its members;
  4. To manage onsite media interviews, press releases and any other media coverage for AWRBA meetings and its members;
  5. To provide AWRBA members with a dedicated area on the show floor to showcase their efforts including past and upcoming projects (CSR Wall).
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YB Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity, Minister, Kementerian Teknologi Hijau Dan Air (KeTTHA).

Dato' Teo Yen Hua, Advisor, UBM ASEAN Water Series Events.

Dato' Yap Kuak Fong, Managing Director, EBARA Pump Malaysia (EPM).

Mr. M. Gandhi, Managing Director (ASEAN Business), United Business Media UBM

Mr. Ahmad Zahdi Jamil, Chief Operating Officer, Environment Division, Ranhill Holdings Berhad.

General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohamed Azumi, Co-Chairman United Business Media (UBM)