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Admission Information


Admission Time

  31 March 2020: 10:00am - 5:30pm

  1 April 2020: 10:00am - 5:30pm

  2 April 2020: 10:00am - 4:00pm

In this section, the "Organizers" shall refer to ASIAWATER 2020

1. Entry Terms & Conditions:

i. Admission is restricted to trade professionals only and there is no charge to visit the exhibition.

ii. Visitors are required to complete registration form before admission. Tickets may be obtained from organizers or from registration counters at the venue upon presentation of business card.

iii. Visitors badge are non-transferable due to security reasons.

iv. You may be asked by security personnel to present proof of identification before entry to the Exhibition Hall.

v. Visitors must display their admission pass at all times while inside the Exhibition Hall.

vi. Minors below 18 years of age will not be permitted into the Exhibition Hall.

vii. Distribution of unauthorized publications or materials within the exhibition venue is strictly prohibited.

viii. The Organizers reserves the right to refuse admission to any person(s) into the Exhibition Hall.

2. Liability

i. The Organizers shall not be liable to any visitor for any loss of or damage to any of his or her property occurring (from any cause) in or about the Exhibition Hall nor for the death of or any injury sustained by any visitors whilst on or leaving the Exhibition Hall (other than for death or injury resulting from the Organizer's negligence to the extent this cannot be excluded or restricted at law).

ii. The visitor agrees that the Organizers shall not incur any liability to him or her for any products displayed or sold by any exhibitors at the Exhibition. Each visitor agrees to indemnify and hold the Organizers harmless, on demand, against all claims, liabilities, losses, suits, proceedings, damages, judgments, expenses, costs (including legal fees) and charges of any kind howsoever incurred by or on behalf of or made against the Organizers, its employees, agents and contractors arising out of any infringement or other claim relating to or arising out of the unauthorized taking of any images by the visitors.

iii. The visitor agrees that the Organizers shall not incur any liability to him or her for any error or omission in any information relating to any exhibitor or its products in the Exhibition's official directory or in any other promotional or other printed materials or information provided by the Organizers or respective exhibitors.