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Post COVID Recovery: Embracing Sustainable Water Solutions in Asia

A Sponsored Webinar by the Singapore Water Association

The impact of COVID-19 in Asia-Pacific is tremendous due to the concentration of economic activities, demographics, urbanization and industrialisation. With more than two-thirds of global population, the pandemic has shown how tightly the Asia-Pacific region is driven into the economic and social composition of the world with display of swift reaction, steadfast policies and innovation by several Asian countries who can effectively handle this unparalleled business disruption.

In conjunction with ASIAWATER 2020, this webinar hosted by Singapore Water Association and Informa Markets, summarizes the key impact and calls for extraordinary measures towards embracing sustainable water solutions in Asia.


Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din

The Malaysian Water Association (MWA)

Welcome Address

Mr. Chew Men Leong

Vice President (General Affairs),
Singapore Water Association (SWA)

Panel of Speakers

"Resource Recovery on Wastewater Solutions"

Mr. Narendran Maniam

Chief Executive Officer,
Indah Water Konsortium (IWK)

"Post COVID-19 Business Development Strategies on Recovery Plan"

Mr. Sam Chin

Regional Marketing Manager,
Winston Engineering Corp. Pte Ltd

"Incorporating IIOT Smart Solution to Existing Plant"

Mr. Neoh Beng Huat

General Manager,
Burkert Singapore Pte Ltd

"Efficient Cost Recovery Management for Operators"

Ms. Midori Makino

Lead Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist,
World Bank

Questions & Answers From This Webinar

Below are some of the questions by attendees and the answers by the panelist during this webinar. The rest of the Q&A can be viewed in the recording of this webinar.

# Questions Answers
1 With the global recession post COVID-19, what is the prospect of private sector financing in general and in water sector? we have been getting good feedback from financial institution for water recycling being a green effort. The lowest offer we had obtain from a private financing institute is 3% fixed interest rate.
2 Dear Mr Maniam, thank you for sharing. From a technical perspectively WW has varying feed characteristics, has IWK considered using more advance technologies? Our technology application will be based on Customers water quality requirement. This is important to ensure we have suitable application of technology and to ensure competitiveness in the proposed tariff
3 My question is to Mr. Narendran. I am from Zhejiang Supcon Technology. We are interested in funding the water recycle treatment system. Who should I contact. Thank you. Mac Wong Live Answered
4 Robert Koerner, WEHRLE Umwelt - question to IWK: are there programs or funding for industrial factories to treat their own effluent and recover/reuse the water directly on site, without burden the public network? Live Answered
5 Ir PK Ho from KenEp Resources addressing question to IWK Mr Narendran, the water reclaimation concept sounds like the NEWater of Singapore. Singapore as a country with water scarcity issue will find this water reclaimation a must strategy. How do you see the acceptance in Malaysia in term of cost & people's perception as we are know with abundance of water source? We are developing only for industrial usage. We pursue water reclamation for feasible areas where we can minimise capex on the distribution pipeline. ie Demand areas close to our Sewage Treatment Plant location will be our prioirty. It has proven to be competitive against the current water supply tariff. Thank you
6 My question to Mr. Neoh. I am Mac Wong from Zhejiang Supcon Technology. As you know, one of the key factor in implementing industrial 4.0 will be the cost effectiveness. How Burkert able to help on this? we should approach implementing IIOT in a practical way, starting at the field level, with focus on keeping basic devices basic, and utilizing smart technology to integrate communication across all levels, right down to the device level. We can expect Industrial Ethernet will gradually replacing traditional fieldbuses/wiring, and this is nowhere truer than in the F&B, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector, but can also be observed more recently in the Drinking and Industrial Water Treatment facilities,where operators have to comply with strict requirements on traceability. Start from the field and work our way up to the IT level.
7 Ir PK Ho from KenEp Recources addressing question to Burkert Mr Neoh, how to you see the 5G era will impact the IOT development, in Singapore-Malaysia, our South East Asia context? How should industries adapt to this fast moving technology innovation? 5G will be enabler of industries wide implementation of IIOT. the preperation to ride this 5G wave + IIOT starts now. The fast will win over the slow, no longer the big winning the small in the new era.
8 Mr Narendran, Mr Sam, in current situation, do your customers still think about waste water recycling, water conservation projects? Yes. The project can offer industrial grade water with lower tariff against the current water tariff.