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Industrial Site Visit to Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant

Site Visit 1

Dato’ Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa (brown shirt, middle right) showing Dato’ Teo Yen Hua (on Dato’ Jaseni’s right), media and visiting water industry players around the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant.

Dato’ Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa and Dato’ Teo Yen Hua at the ASIAWATER 2020 Press Conference.

Pulau Pinang, 18 April – The organiser of ASIAWATER 2020, ‘the region’s leading water and wastewater event for developing Asia,’ prepared today a site visit to the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant, with support from Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP). The site visit is part of the ASIAWATER 2020 media tour and marketing campaign in promoting water management and conservation for adequate, safe and affordable water services and preserving the environment. This initiative reflects on one part of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan for 2016 – 2020, which focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of the water services industry. 

In March 2018, PBAPP launched its Phase 1 of the Penang Water Supply Command Center (PWSCC) at the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant, where it is equipped with state-of-the-art data server, a command center software system, a 10-screen video wall, and hardware and software to monitor electronic data from key treated water installations. Remote data from all of Penang’s water treatment plants, pump houses, treated water reservoirs and pressure sensors at major pipelines is being transmitted to the command center on a 24/7 basis, which will also aid in the detection of possible water supply issues, and improving the management of non-revenue water (NRW) or water losses.

This year, the central theme of the ASIAWATER 2020 conference is “Embracing Change, Pursuing Excellence” focusing on promoting our national government’s efforts to transform and improve our country’s water and wastewater industry services. Despite having one of the most organised water infrastructures, Malaysia faces overbearing challenges in the water industry, such as high levels of NRW and a very conventional, old water infrastructure that is poorly maintained. Recognising these many challenges, the national government has invested into water infrastructure and the construction of new wastewater treatment plants and upgrades on existing facilities. This is now part of the national government’s agenda, as it addresses issues in water pollution, unreliable water supply, improper wastewater discharge, and others.

Site Visit 1

Dato’ Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa briefing and showing the media and visitors the Sungai Dua WTP's Command Centre.

Dato’ Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa and Dato’ Teo Yen Hua exchanging token of appreciation during ASIAWATER 2020 Press Conference.

Dato’ Teo Yen Hua, Advisor of ASIAWATER since 2014 said “For the 11th edition of ASIAWATER 2020, we have chosen to visit the biggest water treatment plant in the country, the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant, which is managed by PBAPP. The water treatment plant has a maximum treated water capacity of 1,228 MLD, and as of 2018, it produces more than 80% of the treated water that is distributed throughout the state of Penang daily. The Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant has also won the MWA Water Industry Achievement Award 2018 for ‘Best Water Treatment Plant’. Through PBAPP’s successful management, Penang has become the only state in Malaysia without any water rationing since 2008 and still enjoys the lowest domestic water tariff rate. Apart from that, Penang’s NRW is the second lowest in the country and enjoys high quality and excellent treated water, as consistently recorded by the Quality Assurance Programme introduced by the Ministry of Health”.

Besides the Sungai Dua Water Treatment Plant, PBAPP is also currently looking into raw water planning in ensuring water security for Penang. They are seeking the implementation of the Sungai Perak Raw Water Transfer Scheme (SPRWTS) because it is the most logical, rational and economical option in achieving water supply security in Penang and North Perak until 2050. Sungai Perak is the best option for this because it is a readily available raw water resource that is presently underutilised and can serve two states (Perak and Penang).

The 11th edition of ASIAWATER 2020, co-located with the 6th edition of Asia Water Resource Expo (AWARE’20) will be held from 31 March to 2 April 2020 at the ultra-modern Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia. With more than 2,000 local and international exhibitors and 11 international and regional pavilions, the event is expected to welcome over 17,000 delegates and visitors from 48 countries. As the region’s leading water and wastewater industry event will showcase innovations and solutions in the fields of water management, sewerage, industrial wastewater purification, irrigation and water resource management for developing Asia. ASIAWATER 2020 will be accompanied by free-to-attend technology seminars and conferences as well as ASEAN Country Expert Dialogues from industry experts addressing the opportunities, latest technologies and challenges within the water and wastewater industry. 

Site Visit 1

A safety officer briefing visitors and the media before beginning the tour at Sungai Dua WTP.

Visitors to the Sungai Dua WTP going around the water treatment plant facility.